Let a Team of Experts Build Your Home or Office

Let a Team of Experts Build Your Home or Office

Hire a new construction contractor in Lubbock, TX

Build your new home or commercial property perfectly from the start. Walker Construction provides commercial and residential building services for property owners in Lubbock, Texas. We’ll handle every part of the building process, including installing your plumbing and electrical systems.

Call 806-632-7783 right now to go over your plans with an expert builder in Lubbock, TX.

5 things to look for in a construction crew

Walker Construction will build your home or commercial property from the ground up, and we can repair issues left by previous construction crews. When you’re looking for the right construction company for your needs, choose people who demonstrate:

  1. Professionalism. Our contractors will treat your home or commercial property with respect.
  2. Friendliness. Hire nice, friendly people you enjoy spending time with.
  3. Work ethic. We know you want to enjoy your new space as soon as possible. We’ll get the job done fast.
  4. Skill. It’s important that your contractors understand the building code and can get the job you’re paying them for done accurately.
  5. Passion. We love what we do. Hire people who enjoy creating strong, beautiful homes and offices.

Don’t wait—contact Walker Construction today to start building your brand-new home or commercial property.